Our company provides a comprehensive set of services to a wide range of clients, covering every need. Our services are divided into 4 main categories:
Design • Supply • Installation • After sales support


We offer a comprehensive design of kitchens, buffets and bars using AUTOCAD according to international and domestic kitchen regulations like E.F.E.T and HACCP standards combined with the functionality of the site and the client needs.
Furthermore we also design in AUTOCAD the plans for electric power, gas, water supply, sewage disposal and ventilation systems.



We supply you with the best quality equipment according your needs and the functionality of your kitchen, selected from a range of top quality brands and by constructing all the special stainless steel constructions needed.



We perform equipment installation with specialized professional licensed technicians such as electricians, refrigerationists, gas technicians and plumbers, professionally, adhering to all safety standards, checking all parameters and always on time.



One of our strong points covers a constant concern among clients, the comprehensive technical support after installation (after sales service). At the same time we train your personnel in the use and maintenance of the equipment and as well as we are from the pioneers in Greece that prepare and perform preventive maintenance contracts.



Additionally, at the client’s request we take up the whole design and refurbishment of the venue by doing all the plumbing, electrical, gas and ventilation works as well as building partition walls and installing kitchen tiles.